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Stefanie Somers

Born in a Ballroom After quite a few years ON the dance floor, Stefanie turned her attention to providing the sparkle for other dancers. Jewelry for dancers is quite a specific niche, being able to stay put through spins, turns, and all the athletic action you see on Dancing With the Stars. With her background though, she soon had a healthy clientele and a growing business. Roundabout 1995 while at a dance competition, she was approached by someone affiliated with the Miss USA system. Before long, her jewelry was showing up on pageant competitors instead of dance competitors, and the phone began to ring. When Keylee Sanders won the Miss Teen USA crown in a pair of Stefanie’s earrings the shift had already started.

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Ashley Cunningham,  MA USA Pageant

The Stefanie Somers studio is hidden away in The Woodlands of Texas. Really, you’d never find us if you didn’t know where to look. We rather like it that way. But we know that’s not why you’re on this page. So on to why you came…

Erin McClallen, Photography by Carlos Velez

Crowning Flight Since moving from the ballroom to the runway, SSC has been worn by over a dozen winners in the Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss America systems. Countless competitors across the USA have made SSC their finishing touch when preparing for their big moment. Numerous Miss USAs– Elle Smith, Cheslie Kryst, Sarah Rose Summers, Kára McCullough, Deshauna Barber, Olivia Jordan, Shandi Finnesey and Rima Fakih – were all crowned in jewels created by SSC. Reigning Miss USA Morgan Romano competed in SSC as well. Nana Meriwether, Nia Sanchez, Asya Branch, Crystle Stewart and Kristen Dalton all wore SSC at various points of competition as well. Some of our beautiful Miss USAs have worn us when they went on to the Miss Universe pageant. Camille Schrier, Savvy Shields, Teresa Scanlan, Lauren Nelson, Jennifer Berry, Deirdre Downs and countless Miss America competitors have worn us to take their shot at a slice of the famous scholarship program. Tight integration with wonderful systems like I Am Pageant Powerhouse – National American Miss and International Junior Miss – and National Elite Miss ensure the next generation of competitors has access to the best SSC has to offer.

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